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Updated: 2/19/2021 2:30:06 PM

开始时间: 2020-12-02 12:00
结束时间: 2020-12-31 12:00

The COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world unexpectedly this year has successfully interrupted almost every plan that everyone has made for this year. Under all these difficulties the Multicultural & Folk Arts Association of Canada has worked with the Red Cross to help children and teenagers in Toronto. We are willing to help families that are struggling during the pandemic through small but meaningful actions. We are willing to help take care of children and seniors and help purchase necessities during this time of need. We will also be willing to help drive anyone to doctors' appointments and the hospital if they are unable to drive. With winter approaching, we are willing to spread warmth into society by helping anyone in need

For more info call our hotline

William:           647-864-8600

Lily:                416-537-6997

Hua:                647-262-5088

Rebecca:          647-239-5089

Jennifer:          416-895-2281

Multicultural & Folk Arts Association of Canada is a non-profit organization that does not associate with any religion, race, or political party. We are an organization that mainly focuses on the spread of Chinese culture and communication between Chinese communities with other communities of different cultures in Canada. Since our establishment in 2007, we have organized many events, especially since 2015, we have organized performances every year. Performers include individuals of every skin color and age group. We do this in order to promote understanding of cultures in a fun and relaxed way. With the pandemic this year, we are unable to have everyone perform together physically, so we have turned our sights to the internet. We encourage that everyone submit their performances whether that be dancing, singing, or even artworks and culinary creations online to our organization. This way, we can continue our tradition of multicultural performances under the current circumstances. Lastly, we hope to become the ray of sunshine that brightens the day in this winter time when the pandemic continues to spread.

Please submit your works to: