Image Chinese Seniors Assist During Pandemic

Updated: 2/19/2021 2:14:43 PM

开始时间: 2020-09-10 05:13
结束时间: 2020-11-30 05:13

Since September the MCFAAC has worked with the Red Cross to help seniors around the nation. Our services include the delivery of groceries, medicine, and the finding of doctors. Any seniors with difficulties in this time of need can contact us.

The pandemic has taken many lives off of their projected courses, for seniors, life has become even more difficult. Seniors suffer from low mobility and seniors from a minority race suffer from the language barrier. Many adults lack the time to take care of these seniors as they are more concerned with their children and businesses. The MCFAAC is a non-profit organization that does not associate with religion, race or any political party, and we are willing to help anyone that is in need.

We have hired professionals to help seniors with boredom on Zoom. We have included activities such as singing songs, dances, and yoga.  We also have taken up the responsibilities of helping deliver groceries and other necessities to the doorsteps of seniors, and finding family doctors.

Before the pandemic, we have organized many performances with artists of every skin color to encourage cultural communication. This year we have placed our focus onto the internet, and through Zoom, we have professionals that can educate seniors on how to stay healthy and how to prevent being infected from the virus. Finally, we are happy to help any seniors with difficulties during this pandemic, and we are willing to do the best of our abilities in order to help. We wish everyone to stay safe, and stay happy during this pandemic